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Current Weather - Weather Forecasts

Intellicast - A popular weather site.

Intellicast World Weather - Intellicast's world weather information.

New York Times Weather - An excellent weather site by the New York Times. US and international weather.

New York Times International Weather - Direct connection to the New York Times international weather page.

PointCast - Automatically download weather maps and forecasts for up to 50 cities.

USA TODAY Weather - US and world weather.

The Weather Channel - US and international weather.

The Weather Underground, Inc. - World weather conditions and forecasts.


Weather - Climate - Meteorology

Centre for Climate and Global Change Research - McGill University.

Climate/Weather/Earth Hotlist - Rice University.

The Daily Planet - Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois.

Hurricanes & Tropical Weather - Miami University, Ohio.

National Weather Service - US government.

National Hurricane Center/Tropical Prediction Center - US government.

Storm Chaser Homepage - For those who seek out severe weather conditions.

The Weather Resource - Directory of weather information on the web.

The Weather Underground - University of Michigan. Weather imagery, current conditions and forecasts, and curriculum activities aimed at K-12 classrooms.

Weather World - Penn State University.

What is an El Nino? - Answer supplied by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

World Meteorological Organization - United Nations.

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